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Little Earthquakes

album photography by Cindy Palmano

other photos

photos by AJ Barratt for NME
January 11, 1992

photos by Julia Maloof for Time Out
January 22, 1992

photos by Fabio Nosotti for Buscadero
March 1992

photos by Hester Doove for Oor
March 7, 1992

photos by Wyatt Counts for Rolling Stone
April 30, 1992

photo by Colin Bell for Creem
May 1992

photos by Karen Miller for Musician
May 1992

photos for Vogue
June 1992

photos for Glamour
August 1992

photos by Jay Blakesberg for Keyboard
September 1992

photo by David LaChapelle for Details
November 1992

photo by Stephanie E. Jennings for Philly Rock Guide
December 1992

photos by Chris Carroll for Musician
January 1993

photos by Loren Haynes for Spin
January 1993

photos by Tony Mott for Best
May 1993

Little Earthquakes Tour 1992

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