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1. Addition of Light Divided
2. Speaking with Trees
3. Devil's Bane
4. Swim to New York State
5. Spies
6. Ocean to Ocean
7. Flowers Burn to Gold
8. Metal Water Wood
9. 29 Years
10. How Glass Is Made
11. Birthday Baby

Tori Amos's sixteenth album, Ocean to Ocean, was released on October 21, 2021, and debuted at number 6 on Billboard's Top Album Sales chart.

Tori said, "Hopefully it'll give you lightness. It'll make you smile. And if you need to have a little tear, there's a place for that. But it's also there to help you proceed with the next step.. And if you're stuck, it'll sit with you. And hopefully it will help you get unstuck from a rut. That might be an emotional rut that you feel you've been in. I find, and this is only my experience: I find that the songs helped me to get outside, even in the cold and dance around. Maybe shed some old skin that needed to be shed like a good little snake and step into the future. A different future than maybe I thought we were going to have if you'd asked me three years ago. To embrace this and step into a new energy forcefield." [Hyperlocrian - October 29, 2021]

Ocean to Ocean was released on CD, black vinyl, clear vinyl, and cassette:

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